VELA Semester Scholarship for International Students

Apply now and receive 150€ monthly!

Studying abroad in Germany presents many challenges. Despite the lack of tuition fees, it is about more than just a new environment. You also have to find a way to cover the often high cost of living. Therefore, you can certainly use a little support:

For this reason VELA offers a semester scholarship of 900€ in total. The winner will receive 150€ from April to September at the beginning of each month to his/her account.

Remains the question, how can you receive the scholarship? That's very simple actually: Explain to us in a short essay (max. one page at font size 12) why you deserve to be sponsored by VELA. Your reasons can be completely individual and for instance relate to your career, your studies or personal experiences, wishes and dreams – no limits to your creativity!

At the end of the application phase on February 23, 2020, our jury will make a pre-selection of the best essays. These will then be published on our website. At the same time, a vote will be set up on Facebook, where your friends and family can also vote for your contribution. For this, we need your Facebook profile. The author of the contribution who has received the most votes on our Facebook page up to and including March 15, 2020, will receive the VELA scholarship for six months from April onwards.

We’re already looking forward to your story!


  • 07.02. - 23.02.2020 Application Phase: Send your essay by e-mail to with re: "Scholarship"
  • 24.02. - 29.02.2020 Pre-selection: From all entries, our jury will choose the finalists
  • 01.03. - 15.03.2020 Voting: On our Facebook page the finalists can collect votes, the entry with the most votes wins
  • 16.03. - 27.03.2020 Organizational Matters: The winner will provide us with the necessary data to obtain the scholarship and a certificate of study
  • April - September 2020 Scholarship: 150€ will be added to the winner's account at the beginning of each month


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